We’re working towards a predator-free future

How do we kickstart our pursuit towards a predator-free future? We explore what the path to Predator Free 2050 looks like.

An expanded trapping network is one tool we're using to pursue a predator-free future.

Possums, mustelids (weasels, stoats, ferrets), rats, feral cats. What do these creatures have in common? They’re all pests we want to eradicate from Wairakei Estate. 

As a threat to the native wildlife and biodiversity we are striving to protect, controlling pests and reducing their impact has always been crucial to our environmental planning. But what does it mean to shift from traditional pest management to pursuing a predator-free future? 

We have started exploring the concept of Predator Free 2050 — both within Wairakei Estate and beyond our boundaries. 

A Government-led initiative that began in 2016, Predator Free 2050 is a nationwide campaign that aims to see Aotearoa’s most invasive predators eradicated by the year 2050. An ambitious project, it seeks to protect our most precious species, and in turn aid the primary sector and economy by encouraging healthy environments. 

As we shape our approach to this significant undertaking, we invested in an expert contractor to carry out pest control operations in habitats across Wairakei Estate. We’re expanding our existing trapping network, and engaging with our neighbours and partners to see what the path to Predator Free 2050 looks like. 

We know our long term success depends on the success of those around us — and that these are the first steps of many to reach this future goal.

Did you know? We have eradicated 715 pests since June 2021.  

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