What’s happening with freshwater? Our team stays up-to-date on the latest

We attended the 2022 National Freshwater Conference, engaging with Aotearoa’s leading experts to stay informed and inspired on all things freshwater.

In February, our team attended the annual National Freshwater Conference. It offered an enriching opportunity to engage in the latest advice on water regulations from the country’s top experts. 


The comprehensive virtual event covered a suite of significant topics, including national policy, Three Waters reform and iwi freshwater interests. It was also a chance to take note of what councils are doing across Aotearoa to adjust to new and incoming regulations.


Taking place over two days, the conference created space to spark conversations, explore innovations and inspire ideas for the future. We were particularly encouraged to hear about the power of grassroots community groups and volunteers, who are achieving incredible results with fencing, planting and trapping initiatives.


Healthy freshwater is essential, as is understanding the reforms and regulations designed to protect it. By adding the latest information to our existing tool kit, we continue to be prepared in sustainably managing our freshwater resources, using the best practices possible.

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