Our Story

Wairakei Estate sketched image of poplar trees lining a pathway

In 2004, we embarked on an ambitious journey.

We began our pursuit to become world leaders in sustainably managing a diverse collection of natural resources. Environment, innovation and community is at the heart of everything we do. 

Owned by three Kiwi families, Wairakei Estate is located in the central volcanic plateau of Te Ika-a-Māui — the North Island. Nestled between the settlement of Reporoa and the shores of Lake Taupō, its 25,000ha footprint is unique in both its scale and substance — a responsibility its owners take seriously. As caretakers of the land, the cornerstone of their role is to protect Wairakei’s long-term wellbeing, unlocking its potential as a thriving, sustainable environment for years to come.

What does our future hold?

Wairakei Estate image of the Pueto stream that runs through the property

Top: Pueto stream is at the centre of a collaborative new ecological restoration project. Learn more

Right: Pīwakawaka / Fantail.

Wairakei Estate image of a Piwakawaka bird on a branch

Healthy ecosystems that benefit everyone.

From the intricacies of soil quality to the purity of waterways, the support and management of Wairakei’s distinct ecosystems is the backbone of everything we do. We believe if the natural world around us is flourishing, so are we. By building better ecosystems, we ensure the environment is protected, the land is productive and our people continue to have livelihoods.



The connection between different groups or people. The strength of having something in common. 

Tī kōuka / Cabbage tree

These native trees are particularly fond of Wairakei’s wetlands. Their strong root system means they’re excellent at preventing erosion. 

Wairakei Estate sketched image of a Ti Kouka / Cabbage tree